mandag 3. februar 2014

Supreme Scrap Tournament 2014,oppgave 1

[bCard Challenge: Home[/b]

Make a ATC card where Home is the theme. (ATC size = 2.5x3.5 inches or 64x89 mm)
It can be anything you want. It can be a welcome home card, a card about moving, a card with any quote on being/feeling at home or use the shape of a house.

- There hase to be a title/quote/wish on the card

- You can not use any spray inkts or flowers

- You can not use any kind of cutting machine

- You can not use any image with a house on it (that is a challenge huh!!!)

My solution to this task looks like this...
I`ve never made a ATC card before,so I hope I`m on the right track.Everything is handmade from scratch.
As a base I used bazill x 3 to make it stiff enough.A little amount of Stampendous Fran-tàge on the base.Then I started on the tree and branch.The branch is made seperatly with wire,floral self-binding tape and molding paste.The tree-shape is made by molding paste x 2.Heating tool was used  to make it pop up some more.Glued the branch to the tree and a little molding paste to hide the wire and glue.Colored it with Adirondack,alcohol ink.
The sign is a stamp.I stamped it several times and colored them with Distress Markers.Glued them on top of each other and used an embossing pen to write the words:"Home is where the ♥ is".In my opinion,since I used a ♥ in the lyric it could be translated to either "heart" or "love".It doesn`t matter-they both fit ;)Some embroidery thread is glued on to make the sign hang on the branch.
The nest is made of floral decoration grass in two tones,brown and green.Twisted it around my finger and glued it together and then I put some pearls in the middle.
Base of the birds  are made of expanded polystyrene(isopore).One small bale and a larger one glued together and floral self-binding tape to emprove the shape.Covered the bodies with feathers.Used a different colour on feathers for tale and wings.Eyes are molding paste and beak is bazill.
Leaves are made of bazill and shaped as small hearts.Love is in the air.

Hope you like it!
Thanks for voting;)

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  1. this is super cute!! i love the 3D effect of it!! Good luck with the tournament!