mandag 17. februar 2014

Supreme Scrap Tournament,challenge nr2.

    Card: Monochromatic in 3D

    • Theme:                  You can choose your own theme

    • Colour Card:           The monochromatic color scheme for your card is up to you

    • Card dimension:     Free

    • You must use:        The card has to have 3D elements. This can be a stepper card, a 3D dimension when opening the card (like pop-up elements)

    • You can not use:You are restricted from using black anywhere on the card, including: pen lines, any kind of ink or paint, journaling or any other element.  There is not to be black on the card. You can not use brown to antique elements unless brown is the colour you choose for your monochromatic colour scheme.   You are not allowed to use cutting machines.

    • You can use :           Use any store bought or home made embellishments that are in your colour scheme 
      You are allowed to make your own as long as you don't use a cutting machine to make them. Only scissors are allowed for these cut elements.

This is my result of challenge nr2.
I`ve used bazill for base in two different shades.Butterflies were made by drawing around a die(s) and cut around the lines.I don`t know what it`s called but I know that what I`ve used as antenna is most used as senterpiece in flowers.Used 300gr watercolour paper,soaked it in water and then added color.I used Fireworks!Started with the lightest color,Summersky.A little Danube Blue and ended it with Paris Dusk.Used heat tool to dry it and sprayed again where I felt it needed.Small light blue half-pearls for decor on wings and light blue glitterglue around the motif.I bent the wings outwards for a 3D effect.
There is a big pop up butterfly inside the card.Used different shades of bazill for base.I also used 300gr watercolour paper for this butterfly.The same technique for this as those in front,but I`ve added a stamp with the color faded jeans,Distress Ink.Light blue glitterglue around the wings.

Hope you like it!Thank you for your votes.

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